Nachofoto Case Study (Image Search)

1a. Japan (14th March 2011)

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan and caused a powerful Tsunami has captured the Web's full attention. This morning, nine out of the ten trending topics on Google Trends relate to the natural disasters. The world is anxious to see latest images of the Japan crisis. Today, a user searching for 'japan' expects Image Search engines to show latest Japan earthquake,tsunami and nuclear explosion images. Let's take a look at image results by NachoFoto, Google,Bing and Yahoo Images.

"Related searches" comparison chart for "japan"
"Related searches" comparison chart clearly demonstrates the power of NachoFoto Semantic technology in better understanding the user's intent and delivering "Suggestions" based on what the user's are actually looking for at this given moment. As you can see, Google offers only one suggestion related to the current crisis in Japan whereas Bing and Yahoo completely neglect user's intent for such a high volume query.

NachoFoto shows over 14,000 images related to the current crisis in Japan. Yahoo shows 20 images whereas Google and Bing fail completely and did not show even a single image for such an important query.

At NachoFoto, the user quickly gets to see images he is looking for in just 'one click'.

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